World’s 1st On-Demand On-Cloud IC Evaluation Lab

Limitless Freedom To Innovate. Now.

Speed Up & scale your PoC Process with Virtual labs!

Real-Time Online Access

Access multiple IC/ Electronics Systems with a click of a button

live collaboration

Address Long Tail Customers

Support long tail customers without any additional costs. Provide a consistent quality of support

Avoid Dead Inventories

Why spend on one-time-use evaluation boards when you can access all of them online


Shorter Cycles

Know-how of an IC and its usage takes sometime. Start your evaluations

Significant Benefits

Enhanced Customer Reach

We can reach out to a global consumer base very easily.

User Data Analytics

Get deep insights into how evaluation is done by the user base. 

Easy debug

Guide the user through the IC evaluation process and help them debug issues.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Reach all of your Long Tail customers with your resources 

Controlled Environment

Get customers started quickly with pre configured setups

Reusable EVMs

Use a few boards to address 1000s of customers. 

Now TenXer Is Ready For The Market!


For System Designers

Through Virtual labs, we enable scalable evaluation – 1 board for hundreds of users. Customer on-boarding for evaluation happens in a few minutes with a browser

business deal

For Semiconductors Companies

You focus on the design wins, we take care of simplifying new customer engagement models

Get started with TenXer today.

Limitless Freedom To Innovate. Now.

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